• Published: December 9, 2020
The Self-Representation Crisis

Every year, Americans encounter life-changing problems they can’t resolve because our civil courts are a complex maze. At some point, most people have a problem like a divorce or wrongful treatment by a landlord or debt collector and need a legal solution. But millions lose their cases in civil court, not because they’ve done something wrong, but because they don’t have the information or legal help they need.

Whether your are in the landlord tenant docket in Wyandotte County District Court, the limited actions docket in Johnson County fighting a hospital bill, or associate level court in Jackson County Circuit Court, self-represented litigants are the norm in courts across the Kansas City Region. Judges are forced to make hard decisions on whether a family can stay in their home or medical debt is really owed. Most of these self-represented litigant don’t present any argument. Many fail to properly answer the claims against them. And all of them are a small piece of the 100 million civil justice cases that roll through American courts each year.

The Self-Representation CrisisIn three of four civil court cases, one or both sides are without legal help. Most of the time, they end up going it alone because they cannot afford to hire an attorney. The large retainers most firms charge are out of reach and there is simply no flexibility offered in response. Judges are frustrated with clogged dockets and chaotic courtrooms.

Self-represented litigants are forced to navigate complex courtroom procedures and rules of evidence to present their cases. Courts and state bar associations have been very slow in modernizing the rules, and those that are unrepresented are at a tremendous disadvantage. It is a long and lonely road that ends poorly for too many clients.

At Titus Law, we do are part to help those considering the court system alone. We offer flexible payments and various financing options. We will work with you every step of the way. Don’t go it alone. Give us a call today.

Rob Titus

Rob Titus is a charismatic Kansas lawyer with over a decade of experience litigating all manner of civil law claims and lawsuits. His succinct and persuasive voice in court translates to clear and easy-to-follow writing for anyone looking for a fundamental understanding of their civil law options and rights.

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