“Rob did a great job on my expungement. It was a difficult job and he did it well.”– Fred

“I hired Mr Titus for a long distance out-of-state case. The case was extremely complicated and Mr Titus handled it with the utmost attention and respect. He secured the best possible outcome for me and my daughter even as friends thought it was not possible. We are pleased with his service and I would recommend Mr Titus to anyone dealing with legal issues.”– A Satisfied Client

“I am very pleased with the service that I have gotten from Mr. Titus. After all the non sense that I went through in my custody battle he is the one that finally said enough and went to war for me. If your looking for someone that actually cares about his clients and takes your concerns into account I would highly recommend Mr. Titus to do the job”– Tobias

“Worked with Rob on a contract case. He got the party served then fought them at every hearing we had. Rob was never unavailable. He always had a good smile and a kind heart. I cannot recommend him enough! THANK YOU!”– A Satisfied Client

“I gave out in a cashiers check and also some in cash close to $26,000.00 to next door neighbor of mine. I was told we were in a relationship. I thought, was to help neighbor out but, also saw as an investment for me. Soon after receiving this, he was done with me. Mr. Titus got involved and after a couple months I recieved the amount asking for back. With his patience with me and his time/work, what I thought wouldn’t happen, happened! Mr. Titus was awesome and if it weren’t for him getting involved I’d be out the money. I highly recommend Mr. Titus with any money matters/issuses.”– Janice

“I hired Robert to assist me with a contract issue. He was very professional and able to resolve my issue quickly.”– Alex A.

“Mr. Titus cares about his clients. When I was overwhellmed by debt and agencies harassing me, Mr. Titus was there fighting for me. He wasn’t afraid to stand up to the big guys and helped me out in a time need. I appreciate what he was able to do professinally and personally.”– A Satisfied Client

“-I hired Rob to assist my business in a civil lawsuit. The entire case was rife with challenges. He got me a favorable judgement in just a few months. Rob was an unstoppable force and I will be using him again.”– Nick

“Very thorough and would definitely use again for my legal needs. Rob explained everything in detail and kept me informed throughout the process.”– Shawn

“Amazing Attorney helped litigate my case to the very end, and got the judgement i desperately needed. This is the best lawyer in Kansas city. If you ever need a lawyer give him a call.”– Matt

“My consultation with Rob was very informative. He is extremely knowledgeable and easy to contact by phone with quick responses. I am looking forward to using him for my legal issue we recently discussed.”– John

“Rob is personable and will take the time to explain the legal process to you, I highly recommend him!”– A Satisfied Client

“Rob and specially Trey, who was responsible for my case, were outstanding. They made a stressful process quick and as painless as possible. Thank you!”– Cata W.

“Rob truly listens to you and your concerns. I’m living in Texas at the moment and I was a little hesitant about using an attorney I’ve never heard of but one of my best moves by far. Things didn’t go as fast as I would have liked but that was all due to Corona and the courts being backed up. Otherwise by far a professional and a great attorney to have on your side. It was great working with him.”– Jermane H.

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