Mortgage and Tax ForeclosureMortgage And Tax Foreclosure

In foreclosure situations, your home gets auctioned off to the highest bidder. Sometimes, the house gets sold for more money than the liens against it. This extra money is called foreclosure surplus funds. You or the heirs of the property may be entitled to excess /surplus funds from the property.

Surplus Funds

Quiet Title and Title CurativeQuiet Title And Title Curative

Quiet title actions involve a lawsuit to establish a clear title to property or remove uncertainties/doubts concerning the ownership of that property. A quiet title lawsuit will “quit” any challenges or claims to a title, hence the term “quiet the title”. The Firm files these actions across Kansas and Missouri.

Quiet Title

Homeowner’s Associations Disputes

Homeowner's Associations DisputesHomeowner’s Associations (“HOA”) require certain and specific governing documents. As a resident in an HOA, you are entitled to access to these documents. Understanding them can help you realize not only your obligations but your protections. The Firm has handled disputes across the KC area.

HOA Disputes

What Are The Common Types Of Cases When It Comes To Real Estate Law That Your Firm Would Want To Handle?

Our firm does quiet title lawsuits quite a bit throughout Kansas and Missouri. A quiet title establishes someone’s ownership of a property. Quiet titles are used for many different things. We do them often for vehicles, planes, boats, real estate, personal property, and more. Essentially, quiet titles correct heirs and title names, which is a common issue.

Another type of real estate case we commonly handle is surplus foreclosure cases. Our law group published an excellent blog about Tax Foreclosures and Surplus Fund with more information. We collect surplus funds all over the state, helping people facing foreclosures. If you had your house foreclosed, we can find out if it’s sold for more than what was owed. If so, that money goes to the county court and sits there, where it’s called a surplus or excess fund. Our firm does a really good job of claiming those funds for our clients. Another matter our firm handles is broker fee disputes for real estate professionals or attorneys.

When someone sells a house and doesn’t get their commission on real estate sales, we can litigate that and collect those fees on behalf of brokers. Further, we handle non-disclosure cases on real estate transactions where critical information was not disclosed.

We also handle all general real estate law cases/transactions including deeds, purchase/sale agreements, and drafting. We’ve also done homeowners association disputes and boundary disputes. Despite having some notable successes with huge zoning cases in the past, we don’t do a lot of zoning currently.

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