How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents Across Kansas?In 2021, there were over 800 injuries in motorcycle accidents in the state of Kansas. Of those accidents, there were 60 deaths, and Kansas averages about one death a week and 3-4 motorcycle accidents daily.

What Are The Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents Across Kansas?

The inattention of car drivers and failure to yield to motorcycles are the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle is a comparatively tiny vehicle that tends to get lost in a driver’s blind spot.

What Are Common Defense Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Or Limit Settlements In A Motorcycle Wreck Injury Claim? Do Motorcyclists Commonly End Up Being Blamed?

A common defense tactic is blaming motorcyclists for driving above the speed limit. Motorcycles take off a lot faster than other vehicles. Even a tiny motorbike will have the velocity to move off its stopping point much quicker than a vehicle. They are more agile and dart around a lot quicker. Motorcyclists are often blamed for accidents by others, believing they are driving recklessly, even when the bike performs at the basic level.

Motorcyclists are also blamed for not following the requirements to wear helmets and goggles and not carrying insurance. Suppose any of those things are part of the accident. In that case, insurance will immediately try to reduce or eliminate damages based on contributory negligence.

What Happens If I Am Partially At Fault For The Motorcycle Accident That Caused My Injuries In Kansas?

Kansas is a no-fault state, meaning that after the accident, your insurance should cover your expenses up to your policy limits. Also, suppose your insurance won’t cover all of your costs. In that case, you must file to go after the other person’s insurance.

That personal injury claim would seek to offset that mounting medical bill from the lost wages and pain & suffering. Initially, your insurance will cover your damages. Still, if they are not covered, you have to seek injuries by the other person’s injury insurance.

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