Mortgage Lawyers Assisting You With Surplus Fund Recovery In Overland Park, KS

Did you know that with a mortgage surplus lawyer like Rob Titus, you have a shot at recovering funds after a foreclosure In Overland Park, KS?

Times have been hard, and the residents of Overland Park have not been spared. Many have lost their homes and seen lifelong equity disappear as banks foreclose on their mortgages. All may not be lost, however, as rising home values pave the way for potential mortgage surplus fund recovery. Especially with real estate and mortgage lawyers like Rob Titus, Esq, on the hunt to recover value for families who have been foreclosed on.

Mortgage Foreclosures Continue Despite Rising Home Prices in Overland Park, KS

According to many enthusiastic real estate agents, Overland Park is a hot market. Home prices from Wycliff to Lionsgate are being driven up by more than just inflation as the Kansas City economic rebirth continues to pull in families from across the nation.

Nevertheless, not everyone has been able to benefit. Even as new residents snap up available homes, many families were unable to hold onto their property during the pandemic. Retired or local residents laid off during the downturn have not all been able to keep up with their mortgage payments. Many have even had to face foreclosure.

There are few events as tragic as losing a home one has poured a lifetime of equity into, but it is the tragic reality faced by residents across Johnson County. Some, however, with the help of mortgage surplus recovery lawyers at Titus Law Firm, LLC, have been able to find some hope in foreclosure sales and resulting mortgage surplus fund recovery.

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What Are Mortgage Surplus Funds?

Mortgage Surplus Lawyer Overland Park Kansas When a family has the misfortune of losing a home to a bank foreclosure, they do not lose the right to all of the equity paid towards it over the years. If the house then sells for more than the remainder of what they owe to the bank, the extra, (or “foreclosure surplus”), is owed to the home buyer according to mortgage foreclosure law. For example. If you still owed the bank $70,000 on a home that then sold at auction for $125,000 (a steal for anything in Nottingham Forest, Deer Creek, Windsor Hills, or any of the booming Overland Park Kansas City Suburbs), mortgage foreclosure law would entitle you to recover the extra $55,000 in foreclosure surplus funds. That money could make all the difference in getting you through the tough times ahead.

Am I Eligible For Mortgage Surplus Fund Recovery?

Unfortunately, the state (often the party responsible for the foreclosure sales) and the banks (who are happy to recover the value) are rarely transparent or diligent about notifying potential surplus recipients about their dues and rights. Indeed, many former Overland Park residents may be eligible for considerable sums without ever realizing it. As home values continue to rise in Overland Park, KS, the likelihood of the banks making such a profit on foreclosure sales is increasing, creating an opportunity to recover some of what was lost by residents whose homes were foreclosed. This injustice is one that local real estate law specialists like Rob Titus are trying to remedy.
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How Can An Overland Park Mortgage Lawyer Help You Secure The Foreclosure Surplus Funds You Are Owed?

Mortgage Surplus Lawyer Overland Park Kansas For years now, even before the pandemic sent many Overland Park residents into an economic spiral, mortgage surplus lawyers at Titus Law Firm, LLC, have been on the lookout for overlooked surplus funds. Because there is a time limit to claim surplus funds, (after which clients can lose their right to thousands of dollars or more), Rob Titus’s surplus fund recovery lawyer team works around the clock following foreclosure sales across the county, and beyond. They do their best to guide residents through the process of reclaiming the foreclosure funds without having to pay a dime. How is that even possible? Because mortgage surplus fund recovery lawyer fees are covered by an agreed percentage of the surplus funds, if and only if, they are able to recover them. It is a win-win deal for Overland Park residents who have otherwise lost everything. Rob Titus’s quest often means recovering substantial sums from banks who might otherwise never have told them it was even available.

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If you recently lost a home in Overland Park, KS, to foreclosure, there may still be hope. Particularly as rising housing prices and home demand increase valuations and auction bids, leaving room for surplus funds that are yours by right. Don’t let the banks run off with those too, reach out to mortgage surplus fund recovery specialists at Titus Law Firm, LLC for the representation you deserve.
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