Seeking medical attention after an auto accident is critical to the case. People should understand in auto accident cases that the evidence is available immediately after an accident, and every minute that passes, that evidence becomes less and less.The aftermath of the crash is the most crucial time for the plaintiff to collect that evidence and seek treatment. A common defense tactic in a personal injury case is to claim the person went to the doctor a couple of days after meeting with their attorney.

To build a case, it’s essential for the person that suffers from the accident to seek medical treatment immediately and then follow the recommendations of that treatment. All the time after the accident, the injured party is less and less likely to recover from the accident.

Medical treatment is the most important thing to do immediately after the accident. Many of the injuries will be easy to document. There will likely be broken bones, skin lacerations, or other damages that require immediate attention. But some injuries may be hidden due to a rush of adrenaline from the event.

Why Is It Important To Follow Doctor’s Orders For My Personal Injury Claim?

Understanding the extent of the injuries is critical to your case. It may be difficult for a person to make all their physical therapy appointments. Still, they must follow their doctor’s orders as much as possible.

A jury will look at what the doctor recommended. If the plaintiff did not follow those dictates to the letter, they can drastically reduce what could be paid. Therefore they must follow their treating physician’s orders after the accident. Certain damages like future medical treatments and long-term effects could be lessened or foregone altogether.

Should You Always Call The Police In The Aftermath Of A Car Wreck?

You should call the police in the aftermath of a car wreck. Without a police report, there is usually no credible written record of the incident. The police will come to the scene and document what happened, including:

  • Who was driving the vehicles;
  • A diagram of the scene;
  • Contact information for all the parties;
  • A written statement from the parties;
  • And more…

The written statement is significant because it locks people into what happened, and that can be used as evidence at trial. Without that, we must do a tremendous amount of initial investigation to get cases off the ground. It’s challenging to litigate these cases without a police report.

Should You Ever Speak With The Other Party At The Scene? What Information Is Safe To Share?

Being friendly and polite to the other party is critical for your case. Being inconsiderate after an accident may affect the potential payout in the eyes of the jury. It’s always important to be professional, and ask, “Are you okay?” Even if they were at fault.

Then, you should exchange contact and insurance information. It is not appropriate to discuss fault, liability, or make accusations. Try to be as professional as possible, exchange the information and wait for the police.

What Are The Risks Of Having Any Contact With The At-Fault Party’s Insurance?

An insurance adjuster’s job is to reduce the value of your claim at every turn, and the questions they ask and the information they request are tailored to that end.

When you speak to an at-fault party’s insurance or an insurance adjuster, you must understand that everything you say or provide will be used against you in a court of law. It is better to hire an attorney immediately, let the attorney speak to them directly, and determine what information should and should not be shared.

At What Point Should The Injured Person Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

You should hire a personal injury attorney immediately. If you depend on the insurance company to provide a good claim, you will be waiting a very long time. A skilled personal injury attorney can negotiate your claim to a much higher amount. Your lawyer understands what evidence is critical to your claim and what is hurtful, and we’ll provide the necessary evidence.

It would be best if you did not wait until the insurance company denies a claim or offers a meager settlement. It would help if you got involved at the early stages to set the tone of the case instead of allowing the insurance company to dictate what will or will not be paid.

If you allow the insurance company to set a low amount, they will stick to that amount or very close to it until you go to trial. So, getting a personal injury attorney involved early will help in the negotiation of the case and ultimately improve your award.

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