Consumer Law In Kansas Basics

You are a consumer. In fact, everyone that you know is a consumer. By definition, a consumer is any person who purchases goods and services for personal use. This means that anytime you make a transaction, you become a consumer.

There are numerous federal laws that will protect people from illegal and deceitful acts of suppliers of goods and services. These deceptive practices entice consumers into purchasing goods and services that they would not have otherwise bought if the consumer knew the truth about the product before purchasing.

Kansas law has the Kansas Consumer Protection Act which allows consumers that are affected by deceitful or immoral acts to take steps to protect their rights against deceitful providers. Seeking help from a consumer litigation law firm can help guide you through this worrisome process.

How The Kansas Consumer Protection Act Works?

In Overland Park, Kansas, local government county and district attorneys have the responsibility and authority to investigate and enforce the Kansas Consumer Protection Act. Some of the remedies obtained include:

  • Settlement
  • Consent Judgments
  • Damages and/or restitution for consumers
  • Civil penalties
  • Declaratory judgments
  • Judgments for reasonable expenses and fees
  • And more…

The Act is exceedingly detailed and covers every facet of the remedies for the consumer to protect consumers from fraudulent and immoral acts from providers.

Consumer Law And Collections

Whether you have a little bit of debt or a lot of debt, and no matter how long you have been negligent in your payments, you have rights for how providers or companies try and collect your debts. You do not have to be subject to harassment and abusive behavior just because you owe a debt. Debt collectors do the following when trying to collect a debt:

  • Send letters that can be inaccurate regarding the debt you owe
  • Continue to contact you about a debt that has already been paid
  • Call you multiple times a day, even after 9 pm and before 8 am
  • Impersonate an attorney or government official to scare you into paying
  • Harass you and your family regarding payment
  • Offer to absolve you of your debt in return for waiving your rights

These acts are not only annoying but entirely illegal. Having a consumer rights attorney on your side can help stop these actions. Also, depending on the severity of these actions, you can be compensated for any disruptions in your life.

Attorneys Are There For You

Always remember that you are never alone when life involves a consumer law problem. You do have rights and The Titus Law Firm is there to help you against small mom-and-pop shops to the big companies. The Titus Law Firm consumer rights lawyers are dedicated to making sure that you have the help and guidance you need and to stand up for your rights. Their team of consumer protection lawyers is extremely knowledgeable and eager to assist you in all your consumer law needs. So, if you are in need of a consumer lawyer in Overland Park, Kansas, look no further than the amazing team at Titus Law Firm.

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