Understanding Trucking Accident Claims In KansasWhat Are The Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents Across Kansas?

The most common cause is when a driver doesn’t follow the rules and the best practices established in the trucking industry. For example, some drivers…

  • Rush loads to get from place to place and maximize income;
  • Drive for longer than the limited eight hours;
  • Do not keep proper logbooks;
  • Fail to maintain their trucks;
  • And more…

Additionally, an unsafe truck driver may exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Falling asleep at the wheel;
  • Driving while intoxicated;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs;
  • Watching a TV show or texting while driving;
  • And more…

When this happens, many reckless truckers just assume other drivers will drive around them as they travel in the right lane.

What Are The Severe Injuries Sustained As A Result Of Trucking Accidents?

  • Fatalities;
  • Broken necks;
  • Broken spines;
  • Catastrophic life-altering injuries;
  • And more…

A semi-truck is a multi-ton vehicle. When it slams a regular car at high speeds, the car has the potential to be severely destroyed.

What Evidence Is Important To Preserve At The Scene Of An Accident Involving A Semi-Truck?

Like in any auto injury case, time is of the essence in collecting the information. Once the damage happens, the highway patrol almost always goes to the scene immediately. At the scene, the highway patrol will:

  • Take interviews;
  • Take photographs;
  • Conduct an accident reconstruction;
  • And more…

The highway patrol will generally get there, but the injured person should also collect their own evidence if they are physically able to do so. Anything you can do at that moment is critical to preserve your claim. So, if you can, you may consider taking pictures and videos of things like:

  • The scene of the accident;
  • Your injuries;
  • Road conditions;
  • Skid marks;
  • Vehicle damage;
  • And more…

What Factors Play A Role In Determining The Amount And Type Of Compensation I Receive In My Trucking Accident Injury Claim?

The most significant factor in a trucking case is the number of medical bills. When looking at lost wages, you look at past and future medical bills to consider how much the person suffered.

You never know how much pain and suffering will be in each case. The type of pain and suffering awarded in any case depends on somebody’s ability to enjoy their life and hobbies they have done throughout their life. Suppose the pain and suffering that they incur because of the accident prevents them from doing what they want – this would be cause for damages there as well.

Another element on top of the wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering would be punitive damages. Occasionally, you run into a corporation that has had injuries in the past. A corporation with a history of injuries demonstrates that they have skirted the laws and regulations for trucking. This can give cause for a court to penalize them with a higher damage award.

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Kansas Trucking Accident Personal Injury Attorney?

The most crucial things to look for in a high-quality trucking accident personal injury attorney include:

  • Courtroom trial experience;
  • A law firm that specializes in trucking-related cases;
  • A personable and compassionate demeanor…

These are the qualities that you will find at Titus Law.

For more information on Commercial Vehicle Accident Injury Claims, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you seek by calling (913) 543-4500 today.

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