• Published: January 26, 2024
Is Your Divorce Getting Messy? You Need A Divorce Attorney

Titus Law Firm | Your Dedicated Divorce Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

A divorce can cost you more in time, energy, and monetary resources than the whole of your marriage. Shouldn’t you trust an experienced guide to help you through it?

There are so many nuances that go into effect when pursuing a divorce. Prenuptial agreements, spousal support, child custody—all of these aspects can create a very rigid divide amongst the parties involved. Often, the only way to resolve these issues is to have an experienced family law attorney guiding you through the process.

Titus Law Firm has many years of experience guiding clients through divorce proceedings. We’re ready to assist you whether you need representation for the divorce trial or guidance along the way of an amicable split.

The Benefits Of Having An Attorney For Your Divorce

Even with the advent of online assistive resources, nothing truly beats face-to-face (or Zoom) meetings with your professional legal counsel. Overland Park, KS, offers the option of mediation, which allows for a collaborative divorce. Mediation increases the chances of an amicable dissolution of marriage.

Sitting down and speaking directly with your dedicated divorce attorney is a great benefit to having a law firm committed to success with your case.

How Can I Get The Simplest Divorce Possible?

While plenty of information is available on court websites on what documents to submit and how to submit them, keeping track of the order and format of everything can be overwhelming. One-on-one meetings with your legal counsel help solidify your desired outcome.

In Overland Park, KS, there are three ways to pursue a divorce:

  • Mediation allows the parties to dissolve their union through collaboration on the final terms of the divorce. If both parties have determined that a divorce is best for them, they can come to terms amicably and file all documents smoothly.
  • Trial divorce ensues when the parties can’t agree on a big issue like child custody, child support, spousal support, or property division. A trial can be a long process, but it doesn’t have to be with a firm like ours. As a family law firm, we’ve also navigated these types of cases.
  • Unassisted divorce happens when the two parties don’t have many assets to discuss or have agreed upon everything. Instead of going through mediation, they decide to file all necessary documents on their own.

Any method parties use to obtain a divorce requires great attention to detail because the process and order of document submission are important.

When I File For Divorce, Is It Immediately Legally Granted?

There are a few steps between filing for and being granted a divorce. Some people believe that filing the paperwork means the marriage is over. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our firm has represented many clients through divorce proceedings. We understand that things can get ugly very quickly. Our main goal is to bring you the outcome you believe is right and fair.

The second goal is to ease the process for you. To do this, we ensure from our initial consultation that you understand the timeline and steps involved in pursuing the divorce.

Typically, the timeline of steps for a contested divorce is as follows:

  1. File the divorce petition. Filing the petition starts a 60-day waiting period. During this time, your spouse has 30 days to respond to the petition.
  2. Once the response has been filed, we enter into the discovery period, typically lasting three to four months.
  3. After all information has been gathered and discovery has been completed, we will enter the pre-trial phase, where we set a trial date.
  4. Finally, we go to trial, ending with the final notions and divorce decree being granted.

The above steps are typical in a contested divorce in which significant elements, such as property division, child support, etc., are not agreed upon.

It’s important to keep in mind that mediation leading to a collaborative divorce is one in which both parties agree on all of the significant terms. Usually, an uncontested divorce would be one in which the mediation method works the best.

Still Wondering If You Need A Divorce Attorney? Let Us Help You Out!

At Titus Law Firm, our experience and knowledge have helped us guide our clients through the most challenging divorces. We are passionate about following through and making your best interest our priority.

We know that divorce can be tough for our clients, and we offer the compassionate helping hand you need. Call us at (913) 543-4500 to schedule a consultation, and let us know what we can do for you.

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